Golden Opportunity  

Golden Opportunity, LLC. is a unique healthcare consulting company specializing in providing a range of services (from assessment and evaluation strategies to results oriented work plans through full implementation) that help executives and organizations achieve success. We help you identify golden opportunities for success and implement those already identified. The expertise of Golden Opportunity, LLC. is in getting work done and in taking an opportunity from a concept to a lasting reality.

  • Healthcare consulting-management, operations and finance
  • Operational review and reorganization
  • Business, operations, quality and process improvement or redesign
  • Management and organizational structure review
  • Project and task management (planning, coordination, support and implementation)
  • Strategic and business planning and implementation
  • Change management (analysis of resources required, assessment of change readiness and change implementation )
  • Program, product and business development
  • Contracting and negotiating assistance
  • Executive and managerial workload relief
  • Idea management (assessment, planning, implementation)
  • Customer service and relations management
  • Individual assessment and coaching (leadership, change, executive and management skills)
  • Interim executive assignments
Action Oriented Healthcare Consultants
Golden Opportunity
A Unique Consulting Firm

Golden Opportunity specializes in providing support to get work done and make change happen and stay in place. Golden Opportunity can provide expertise in identifying opportunities or, help if there is no shortage of ideas, projects or work to be done, but you have a real shortage of time and "go to" people. Golden Opportunity can free up time and get work done by project implementation, change management, interim executive assignments, contract services and other action oriented consulting services and strategies.

Golden Opportunity, LLC
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