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Many consulting firms identify problems and possible solutions. Implementing the changes necessary to solve the problems is another issue. Most executives and managers already have more work to be done than they can handle. Golden Opportunity executives have the objectivity and credibility required to get the job done. We can surface the areas of concern that need attention and provide the "go to" people to do the work, make changes happen and have them last.

In addition to the "usual" consulting services, Golden Opportunity, LLC. can provide an executive "clone", another pair of experienced, seasoned hands to turn to for help periodically to get things done without adding a position. If you answer "yes" to any of the following, let us help you: Is some work just not getting done? Do you have reports and recommendations collecting dust waiting for action? Is the expense for these reports and other consultants greater than the actual ROI to date? Do you have great ideas and golden opportunities that have yet to be implemented? Do you ask project teams for progress reports or updates and receive explanations for delays? Have you noticed slippage back to the "old ways", missed opportunities and cost creep after you thought change had been successfully implemented?

With Golden Opportunity, LLC you can focus exclusively on specific, critical priorities while working within your budget constraints and with out adding permanent overhead to achieve results.


Golden Opportunity will be your partner to get work done and to make change happen and last in your organization.

  • Healthcare consulting-management, operations and finance
  • Operational review and reorganization
  • Business, operations, quality and process improvement or redesign
  • Management and organizational structure review
  • Project and task management (planning, coordination, support and implementation)
  • Strategic and business planning and implementation
  • Change management (analysis of resources required, assessment of change readiness and change implementation )
  • Program, product and business development
  • Contracting and negotiating assistance
  • Executive and managerial workload relief
  • Idea management (assessment, planning, implementation)
  • Customer service and relations management
  • Individual assessment and coaching (leadership, change, executive and management skills)
  • Interim executive assignments
Action Oriented Healthcare Consultants

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